3D Spherical Antique World Globe Jigsaw 530pc by BV Leisure Ltd


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Join early explorers as they set sail to discover that - Holy Cow! - the world is actually round! This spectacular three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle defies gravity as it forms a spherical miracle! Antique design is based on real ancient mariners' charts! The pieces are specially designed to create an actual sphere. The last piece - the North Pole piece - has a trap door that snaps into place when you're done! Puzzle includes 530 pieces. a display stand. and piece by piece instructions. Time to sail around the world! Finished puzzle is 9.5 in diameter.
Bonus poster inside
100% made in the United States
Unlike most other 3-D globes. this one is made from actual jigsaw puzzle pieces
3-D globe stands on its own with no internal support

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